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News & Events

Unlocking the potential of philanthropy together

On the occasion of European Day of Foundations and Donors EP vice President calls for action to realise the potential of philanthropy. “We want to start a new conversation about what philanthropy can contribute to the European Union’s welfare,” says Nicola Beer. “There is so much untapped potential when it comes to foundations and civil society organisations – let us unlock it all together.”

Much gained and given in Glasgow

An ECFI Delegation of 26 participants from 17 countries joined the UKCF conference with some 400 CF practitioners. You can read their reflections here..

Community Foundations and SDGs

CFs are unsung heroes when it comes to the Sustainable Development Goals. Tell the story of how your CF thinks globally and acts locally.

Lessons and Inspiration from Canada

Four European delegates to the CFs of Canada conference have shared their reflections on this legendary event.

The Art of Conversation

Participants of this ECFI workshop learned about key elements for a successful communications strategy for CFs..

CF Support Ecosystem in Europe

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to building a CF movement. Read here about the support ecosystem in Europe.

ECFI Connecting Communities 2018

Over 100 community foundation practitioners from 20 countries across Europe participated in ECFI activities in 2018 - see the activity map.

Support Organizations in Europe

According to a study by ECFI, there are 22 community foundation support organizations and initiatives in Europe, 5 CFs act as national champions. They support nearly 800 CFs.

Press Release of German CFs

German CFs have committed themselves to democracy, human dignity, and diversity. The declaration was presented in September, it advocates a free and democratic coexistence.

An Example of ECFI's Impact

The evaluation of ECFI's work in Phase 1 (2016/17) highlights the value and effectiveness of light touch but dynamic infrastructure support.

Guide to CFs in Romania

‘Community’ used to be a word without meaning in Romania. The Guide describes the evolution of the CF movement with many facts and figures.

With Vital Signs to Rational Action

Vital Signs, a programme to foster civic engagement in communities, was presented at a workshop during the German Foundations' Conference on 17 May in Nuremberg.

ECFI's 3 year plan (2018-2020)

Mapping, preparation and dissemination of information on CFSOs and CFs in Europe, including the production of guides.