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Theory of Change

ECFI’s Theory of Change

ECFI believes that creating spaces and opportunities for cross-national conversations, relationship-building and sharing of the experiences and practices of community foundations and other philanthropy practitioners (on a variety of themes of global and cross-national importance) at various levels will result in impact in relation to capacity, capability, connections and credibility within the Community Foundation Movement. 

Specifically ECFI will:

  • facilitate individual and organizational learning and expertise;
  • inspire individuals and organizations to leadership and joint action;
  • produce practice-based knowledge;
  • empower CFs in dealing with difficult issues in their communities and own development trajectories;
  • grow mutual solidarity and strengthen the CF field overall;
  • complement face-to-face interactions with virtual spaces and on-line tools and resources.



  • Facilitating interaction and learning, sharing new knowledge and fostering collaboration among CFSOs in Europe to strengthen the support infrastructure
  • Inspiring and facilitating growth in the CF field in Europe
  • Stimulating CFs in Europe to exercise their community leadership role and collaborate on pressing issues, including inequality, migration and climate change
  • Building and sharing knowledge about the CF field in Europe
  • Leveraging financial resources and other support for the development of the CF field in Europe
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of the SDGs and their relevance to the work of community foundations in Europe



Anja Böllhoff

Coordinating Director