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Theory of Change

As an umbrella initiative, we build a network for community foundations & their support organisations in Europe and encourage the launch of those.

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ECFIs Theory of change  

ECFI believes that community foundations have an important role to play by building and utilising resources; convening and connecting people and organisations; and adding value through local knowledge and expertise - which will lead to long-term change in local communities in relation to building trust and collaboration; enhancing the potential for self-determination and empowerment; and achieving social cohesion. We therefore see a need for ECFI to highlight and promote the value added by community foundations in Europe; to provide opportunities for learning and connecting; and to further develop facilitator and leadership roles, which will result in leverage of physical, financial and human resources.  


  • facilitate interaction and learning, sharing new knowledge and fostering collaboration among CFSOs in Europe to strengthen the support infrastructure  
  • inspire and facilitate growth in the CF field in Europe  
  • stimulate CFs in Europe to exercise their community leadership role and collaborate on pressing issues, including inequality, migration and climate change  
  • build and share knowledge about the CF field in Europe  
  • leverage financial resources and other support for the development of the CF field in Europe  
  • increase awareness and understanding of the SDGs and their relevance to the work of community foundations in Europe 



  • offering capability building through a variety of individual and organisational development activities;  
  • undertaking research and analysis of the field; 
  • building relationships and sharing knowledge and information about community foundations and their work. 

Anja Böllhoff

Coordinating Director