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Learning Lab for Changemakers

What is the ECFI Learning Lab?


The ECFI Learning Lab provides a structured space for thought, learning and analysis, that will enrich the individual, their organisation and the community foundation field. The “Lab” in the title indicates that it is a space that is safe and purposeful. It is a space inhabited by peers, primarily led by peers with limited outside guidance and structuring that is provided through ECFI. At the same time, it is a space that gets “dirty” in two ways:

  1. through the experience brought in by practitioners, which is subjected to their individual and collective reflection, and
  2. by the very ways of conversations and experimentation (as that is what happens in labs) with ideas, thoughts and reflections of practices, approaches and situations of interest to learners.

In 2024 the Learning Lab will offer structured space for collaboration for the Climate Learning Journey scholars. There is no need for a separate Learning Lab application. More information and application for the Climate Learning Journey can be found here

James Magowan

Co-ordinating Director

Outcomes of Learning Lab