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Views from the field

Telling the story of Community Foundations and SDGs

We believe that community foundations are unsung heroes when it comes to the Sustainable Development Goals. Help us tell the story of how community foundations are thinking globally and acting locally.

We want to build a resource of stories around actions, that community foundations have taken, that contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. These stories will help demonstrate the value of thinking globally and acting locally, and highlight the work of community foundations around Europe. This paper in our Knowledge Centre sets out how the SDGs are relevant to the work of community foundations and proposes a number of ways in community foundation practitioners might contribute to helping tell the story. 

Please share with us:

  1. How you use the SDGs in your work (e.g. to frame your local area needs analysis; to understanding of issues and planning for action; to make connections and / or work collaboratively with others; to work differently or to develop new initiatives etc);
  2. What Goals you focus on;
  3. And what difference has embracing the SDGs made to your organisation and to the lives of people and the environment in your area. 

Send your story, no matter how short or long, simple or complex about how you have used the SDGs in your work, the difference that this has made to your community foundation, and the impact you have in your area, to James james[at]communityfoundations[punkt]eu