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Community foundations are non-profit institutions that mobilise and invest technical and financial resources in a specific geographical area. They have an important catalytic role contributing to social, economic and environmental development in their locality. No two community foundations are the same, but they share certain characteristics and challenges.


How do you connect local action to global challenges – through your community foundation

Follow this Prezi from ‘My Place’, through ‘Our Place’, to Your Place and think about how you can make the connection.


The ‘My Place’ challenge

Send us a short video clip about ‘Your Place’!
We will select the best to share on our website and include them in the Prezi.

Crystallising the community foundation concept

Watch this animation to see the community foundation concept crystallised – combining resources of people, knowledge and money, to address complex and interdependent issues as they affect your locality.

Here you can get our animation

Feel free to download, modify and adapt our animation to your needs

Looking for ideas

Here you will find tips, ideas and instructions on how to collect information, connect them with the video, how to choose the way you will build it up, and how to promote your video and more.

Is there anything more we can do for you?

If you need graphic elements from an animation, want to discuss your idea ... or share your video