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Study Visit to Serbia

Community foundation study visits take practitioners and thinkers from CFs to a European country where they meet with community foundations for exchange and reflection. This year we will be visiting Serbia between the 10th and 14th of October.

Explore Serbia and engage with Serbian community foundation practitioners. The Trag Foundation is organising a study visit to the local community foundations. The visit will take place from 10th till 14th October 2023. This visit is especially designed for community foundation practitioners from Europe, and will focus on civic participation and engagement. During the visit, the representatives will exchange their experiences and get an insight into the specifics of the community work in Serbia by visiting community foundations in Niš, Pančevo and Stara Pazova.

Participation in a CF study visit is by invitation based on applications after a study visit has been announced. We aim to select a cohort of 12 (one per country). In exception and if places are available CFSOs will be invited.


The main emphasis of this study visit is on networking, exchange of experiences and showcasing activities among participants and hosts. 

Tuesday, 10th of October 2023  - Putting Community Foundations in a Serbian Context

After arrival, participants will attend a briefing organised by the Trag Foundation, outlining the context of the work of community foundations in Serbia. 

Wednesday, 11th of October - Visit at the Niš Community Foundation   

 Participants visit the organisation's headquarters during the day, talk to its members and find out about the initiatives supported in their places of work. The day will end with a dinner at the local "kafana".

Thursday, 12th of October - Visit at the Pančevo Community Foundation   

On the third day, participants will travel to Pančevo. The local community foundation will present its activities, and a boat ride will be a special opportunity for in-depth discussions about local opportunities and challenges.

Friday, 13th of October - Visit at the Stara Pazova Community Foundation 

The last community foundation to be visited is in the smallest town (ca. 18, 500 residents) among the CFs to be visited. Here, too, we will learn the specifics of the Stara Pazova CF work. In the evening, participants will be able to exchange their thoughts and insights during the debriefing and continue their discussions over dinner on the riverbank.

Saturday, 14h of October – Departure day 

After the participant's breakfast, it will be time to say goodbye.

If you would like to find out more about the scope of activities of host organisations, please visit their websites. For the webpages without an English versions, we recommend using of the Google Translator plug-in.

Trag Foudantion:

Niš Community Foundation:

Pančevo Community Foundation:

Stara Pazova Community Foundation:

Participation in a CF study visit is by invitation based on applications after a study visit has been announced.

Participation in the study visit is determined through an open process: after having expressed the interest, the applications are selected based on their potential to benefit from the Study Visit and contribute to shared knowledge building about the field in Europe. The call for participation is open to a limited number of participants (12) that form a diverse group of learners from existing CFs and emerging CF initiatives.

On the one hand, the visits are designed for practical CF performers (staff, board members, volunteers, donors). On the other hand, we also want to attract participants with theoretical backgrounds. For example, these can be experts or researchers interested in issues such as community cohesion, social capital, foundations and community philanthropy. 

The costs for travelling, meals and accommodation are usually covered by ECFI. However, budgets are limited and co-funding suggestions always welcome.

A promising CF study visit candidate …

… is a member of the staff, Board or a core volunteer of a CF or CF support organization or national CF association. 

… is a donor who appreciates that learning is important for the development of community foundations, their activities and their support infrastructure. 

… is curious to understand how CFs work in Europe and in particular their community leadership role.

… is interested in learning, personal growth and developing professional relationships.

… is willing to actively share his/her own experience and insights and contribute to the development of knowledge in the area - both during the CF study visit and back home!

… Is proficient in English.

 If you are interested, you can submit your aplication directly here.  

The application deadline is 31st May 2023.