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Climate and Philanthropy Learning Journey

Learn how your community foundation can act on climate 

Active Philanthropy and the European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) have joined forces to help make sense of the relevance and impact of climate change at local level and to determine options for community foundations with regard to both mitigation and adaptation.   

From January to March 2023, ECFI convened 27 community foundation representatives from across Europe to join a special cohort of Active Philanthropy’s online course, Climate + Philanthropy: A Compact Learning Journey. 

The Learning Journey cohort continues to actively exchange experiences and learnings via the ECFI climate peer group.

For more about the course structure and content, please see the Climate + Philanthropy: A Compact Learning Journey course page at   

ECFI scholarship opportunities in 2024

The question of where to start and how to integrate climate action into our day-to-day work can feel overwhelming. In 2024, ECFI will therefore continue to offer a limited number of scholarships to community foundations representatives ready to embark on their own climate journey and drive change within their sphere of influence.

Active Philanthropy will launch a redesigned version of the Climate + Philanthropy Learning Journey in 2024 where participants are no longer part of a fixed cohort. Instead, they will complete the course individually over three months and have the opportunity to join up to eight interactive zoom sessions together with a wide range of current and former students throughout the year.

As part of the ECFI scholarship programme, ECFI will provide additional individual and small group support specifically for European community representatives foundation participants. 

ECFI is now accepting applications for community foundation and CFSO representatives from Europe ready to start the Climate + Philanthropy Learning Journey in March 2024 (completion within 12 weeks).

If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please complete this form.