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Association of German Foundations

The Association coordinated the preparation of the project proposal and conducted  fundraising for ECFI in the initial stages of the initiative’s development. It worked closely with the Centre for Philanthropy (CpF) and UKCF in these activities. The decision to undertake such an initiative was a response to growing requests for assistance and partnership from organizations and initiatives in other countries in Europe, and an increasing interest among its own member foundations in European activities. ECFI’s establishment reflects the Association’s desire to see CF organizations engaged and working collaboratively within Europe.

In keeping with the collaborative and consultative nature of the project, the Association will be advised with regard to ECFI strategies and activities by an Advisory Group. Relationships with existing and future donors will remain the responsibility of the Association and its board.

Center for Philanthropy

Center for Philanthropy

The Center for Philanthropy’s (CpF) commitment to ECFI reflects a continued commitment to CpF activities over the last decade in the field of community foundations, peer learning and knowledge exchange programmes. Over this period, CpF has energetically facilitated both philanthropic donations and the development of community foundations in Slovakia and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Its recent focus included organizing study visits and knowledge sharing events related to CF practice in the CEE region. This experience directly informs the development of the ECFI’s peer learning platforms. The networks developed by the CPF over the last decade will also significantly benefit the ECFI project.

Expanding this type of engagement beyond the traditional CEE realm is perceived by CpF as a promising step in further bridging a once divided Europe closer together. Through ECFI, CpF sees a great opportunity to connect with the broader CF movement that operates within the context of a united Europe.


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