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Number of community foundations: 1 (2024)
Oldest community foundation: Bolu Community Foundation (2003)
Population: 85,3 Million (2023, Eurostat)

Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (Türkiye Üçüncü Sektör Vakfi)

The Third Sector Foundation of Turkey was established in 1993. Since then, it has been working to create an enabling environment for civil society.

With a network of more than 80 members, TUSEV is committed to devising solutions to common and emerging problems of the civil society in Turkey. As stated in its newly adopted policy governance model, TUSEV's main objectives are to 1) work towards a more supportive legislation, 2) support the efforts in creating more resources for the civil society to sustain and create social benefits, 3) strive for a more reputable civil society, 4) empowering the civil society actors by conducting research, sharing know-how and providing information.