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Number of community foundations: 9 (2024)
Oldest community foundation: Healthy City Banská Bystrica (1994)
Population: 5.4 million (2023, Eurostat)

Association of Community Foundations in Slovakia (Asociácia komunitných nadácií Slovenska)

The Association of Community Foundations in Slovakia was founded in 2003 in order to become an equal partner to national corporations capable of carrying out joint philanthropic projects all over the country. The Association´s activities are focused on the support to create local networks and bases for the exchange of community experience. The first successful project, „The Club of Donors“, has been a cooperation with the corporate partner Orange and was followed by other cooperations, such as the program „Young Philanthropists“ in partnership with the Slovak Gas Transfer Company.

For the eight associated community foundations, the Association brought a lot of benefits: They started to meet regularly, shared their work experiences and provided mutual support. Currently, it does not only work on consolidating the base for exchange of community foundations, but also on increasing the public awareness of the concept of community foundations and philanthropy.