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Number of community foundations: 0
Community foundations in development: 5 (2024)
Population: 9.1 million (2023, Eurostat)

Association of Charitable Foundations

The Association of Charitable Foundations is independent and autonomous. Founded in 2014, the Association currently has 100 members and its work focuses on foundations and funds that support charitable causes because they guarantee sustainability and are important drivers of social innovation. It represents and constitutes a network of charitable donors, foundations, and funds in and for Austria and wants to build a movement that is committed to making the society more resilient and sustainable. The Association offers its members services like networking and development, information and knowledge transfer, consulting and training, image cultivation and media relations, representation of interests in politics and administration. Until today, there is no community foundation in Austria, but through its activities, the Austrian Association of Charitable Foundations started to promote the concept of community foundations in Austria in 2020.