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About peer learning

Peer learning is all about sharing knowledge – both within the European CF network and with experts or organizations on a larger scale.


Peer Learning is the sharing of knowledge within the European CF network and with experts and organisations beyond the European CF context. Peer Learning is geared towards building supportive working relationships between stakeholders and practitioners and improving the success and reach of CF projects. The ECFI develops peer learning opportunities that improve dialogue between theory and practice, break down obstacles of insularity and diversity between CF organisations, and explore the challenges and successes of CF development by bringing together actors from all areas of the CF movement.  The ECFI will initially implement the following Peer Learning platforms with further projects to be developed as future needs are identified.


CF study visits

Intensive programmes of 7-10 days attended by up to 20 CF practitioners and research experts from across Europe. Participants interact with several community foundations in the host nation through meetings, seminars, and site visits. Discussion forums and reflective meetings allow participants with varying roles and interests in CF to gain different perspectives and approaches to CF practice and share ideas for the future of CF in Europe. After each study visit reflective papers are to be written by and shared amongst participants. These papers are also made available in the ECFI online space as a resource for those unable to attend and as a guide to further activities.

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CF2CF exchanges

Cross-national peer exchanges where a group of representatives from one CF visit and interact with a CF and its members in a different country. These exchanges allow both hosts and visitors to build a mutually beneficial relationship involving the exchange of experiences, strategies and methods of CF implementation. The opportunity for repeated or reciprocal visits encourage a depth of engagement and commitment to the exchange and helps develop long-term professional relationships. No specific results or outcomes are required from these exchanges, the focus being on quality interaction and the depth and breadth of knowledge transfer.

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Theme-based peer meetings

Meetings held over a number of days bringing together CF practitioners from across Europe to discuss topical issues in the CF field. Themes vary at each event so that issues relevant to all members of the CF movement are addressed. Topics may be chosen to expand upon issues raised in CF study visits, or to investigate areas not already covered at other Peer Learning platforms. The format of these meeting is flexible, but with a commitment to a deep and focussed exploration of the designated topic.

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Online Space

A Facebook group 'CF Practice Exchange' has been established for community foundation and CF support organization practitioners (staff, board members or volunteers or related experts from Europe) who are interested in sharing and exchanging knowledge, skills, passions, to improve their practice.  This is a space where ideas for exchanges can be launched along with calls for partners.

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In addition ECFI has developed an online platform to facilitate ongoing communication between participants in previous Peer Learning activities and to enable the sharing of ECFI resources and materials.




Mihaela Giurgiu

Peer Learning Expert