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Thematic meetings

Meetings held over a number of days bringing together CF practitioners from across Europe to discuss topical issues in the CF field. Themes vary at each event so that issues relevant to all members of the CF movement are addressed. Topics may be chosen to expand upon issues raised in CF Study Trips, or to investigate areas not already covered at other Peer Learning platforms. The format of these meetings is flexible, but with a commitment to a deep and focused exploration of the designated topic.

Thematic meetings are usually held in collaboration with other organizations across Europe, whether community foundations or community foundations support organizations. Themes vary at each event so different issues relevant to members of the CF movement are addressed.

In 2018, meetings were held in Belgrade, Bucharest, Hamburg and Timişoara on topics such as community resilience, building community foundations in a context of conflict sensitivity as well as the use of community led needs analyses and SDGs in the work of a community foundation. Please read more about it by accessing ’Reviews and Reports’ on this page.

In 2019, together with our partners and constituency, we plan thematic meetings around communication, fundraising and board development.

Please follow our Twitter, Facebook and ECFI newsletter for constant updates and announcements of thematic meetings.