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About this atlas


The atlas gives a geographical overview of the European community foundations and their support organizations.

The community foundation sector has grown considerably in many European countries over the past 20 years, albeit with numerous national and regional differences. These differences include variation in years of existence, experience and, in some cases, in approach based on the cultural and socio-political diversity present in the European space and the influence of early champions in each country or region. Moreover, in some countries no such initiatives have emerged.

Usually it has proven beneficial for the development of this sector to have a national point of contact to which initiatives and already established community foundations can turn with their questions and support requests. Where community foundations are well-rooted in a community and active in seeking to identify and find ways of addressing its needs, they generate exceptional commitment and can thereby contribute to the expansion of philanthropy and the development and sustainability of local civil society and civic activism.

We are grateful for support of the Global Fund for Community Foundations and the Foundation Center for access to the worldwide data of the community foundation movement and especially those in Europe.

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