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Number of community foundations: 25
Oldest CF: Snow Mountain Community Foundation (1998)
Population: 37.9 million (2017, Eurostat)

The Academy for the Development of Philantrophy in Poland (Akademia Rozwoju Filantropii w Polsce)

The Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland was established in 1998 with the strong believe that through the development of modern philanthropy, a world can be created in which people trust and help each other, share experiences and solve problems together. Currently, the Academy focuses on establishing new community foundations despite the challenging political situation in Poland. Since they do not receive any support from the state, a lot of NGOs are being closed, which is why the Academy works on new, modern fundraising models.

Federation of Community Foundations in Poland (Federacja Funduszy Lokalnych w Polsce)

The Federation of Community Foundations in Poland is a membership association established in 2008. The mission of the Federation is to solve the problems of local CFs, joint efforts on standards and promotion of our activities taking into account that each foundation or association is an independent non-profit organisation acting in its unique environment. The Federation organizes workshops, conferences, study trips, and charity events and additionally promotes the growth of community foundations in Poland.