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Number of community foundations: 0
Population: 2.8 million (2017, Eurostat)

Partners Albania

Partners Albania (PA) is an independent Albanian NGO established in 2001, working to support civil society and facilitate inter-sector cooperation in order to strengthen democratic institutions and advance economic development. The organization works in five programmatic areas: Philanthropy Development; Enabling Environment and Sustainable Development of CSOs; Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Increase Employment Opportunities for Youth; and Transparency and Good Governance. Even if there are no community foundations as yet, Partners Albania tries to stimulate their development by organizing the first Giving Circle in Albania. This could lead to the emergence of community foundations in the future. PA supports the development of philanthropy in multiple ways to promote the culture of giving in Albania, it conducts research to better understand the characteristics of philanthropic activity and acts as an advocate to create an enabling and conducive environment through building bridges between sectors.