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Number of community foundations: 18
Oldest community foundations: Odorhei Community Foundation and Cluj Community Foundation (2008)
Population: 19.3 million (2019, Eurostat)

Association for Community Relations (Asociatia Pentru Relatii Comunitare)

The Association for Community Relations (ARC) was founded in 2001 in Cluj-Napoca by a small group of people who realized that a country's welfare depends on the well-being of its local communities. The organisation's goal is to bolster the philanthropic awareness in the Romanian society by offering tools and the framework to enable citizens, informal leaders, companies and NGOs to meet, work and produce a positive change in their communities. One of ARC’s main programmes is the National Programme for Community Foundations Development to provide existing foundations with grants and technical assistance. The organisation also offers legal, administrative and financial assistance to initiative groups before evolving into a community foundation, and of course it connects community foundations and initiative groups. With its work, ARC has supported the creation of 19 community foundations up to now.

Romanian Federation of Community Foundations (Federatia Fundatiile Comunitare Din Romania)

The Romanian Federation of Community Foundations (RFCF) was founded in 2012 for the purpose of representing and supporting its members. The organization provides mechanisms for attracting funds and good communication network. It also monitors and evaluates activities in support of partner foundations. Currently, RFCF concentrates on helping those community foundations which are starting their first endowment and reserve funds, in order to build sustainability for the Romanian community foundations.